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CQS Partners

CQS has concluded co-operation agreements with international certification bodies. After carrying out a joint audit it makes possible to issue a certificate of both certification bodies. Thus further possibilities for placing their products in foreign markets open up for Czech manufacturers.

Co-operating certification bodies:

  • SQS Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems – Switzerland;
  • DQS GmbH Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen – Germany;
  • SkQS - Slovenská spoločnosť pre systémy riadenia kvality, s.r.o. – Slovak Republic;
  • TECHNICKÝ A SKÚŠOBNÝ ÚSTAV STAVEBNÝ, n.o. Certifikační orgán CERTICOM – Slovak Republic;
  • ITQ - Inštitút Teórie Kvality s.r.o. – Slovak Republic;
  • Česká společnost pro jakost – Czech Republic;
  • DOM ZO 13, s.r.o. – Czech Republic


  • ESIPA s.r.o. - provides a database of legal regulations of the Czech Republic's Collection of Laws. CQS has concluded a agreement about designation of legal regulations of the Czech Republic's Collection of Laws according to NACE, EN ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001.

ESIPA s.r.o.


CQS members

Electrotechnical testing institute Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague Institute for testing and certification Textile testing institute Physical-Technical Testing Institute Engineering Test Institute

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