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  • ESIPA s.r.o.  - provides a database of legal regulations of the Collection of Laws of the Czech Republic. CQS has concluded a contract on classification of legal regulations of the Czech Republic according to CZ NACE. For more information see the overview presentation.

ESIPA s.r.o.

Co-operating certification bodies:

CQS subcontracts CSU as the provider certifying client’s management system according to standards ČSN EN ISO 9001, ČSN ISO 45001, ČSN EN ISO 14001. CSU shares auditors to CQS certification body and performs audits for CQS.

CQS subcontracts CSU in order to provide professional knowledge service in areas of client’s management system certification according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2 standard, including review of client’s management system, a level of technical aspect implementation of the certification process and the scope of certification, the support for ČIA’s evaluation, consultation of certification activities according to ČSN EN ISO 3834-2.


CQS has concluded a cooperation with DQS Slovakia s.r.o. Within the framework of cooperation with DQS Slovakia s.r.o. it is possible to obtain certification of IATF 16949, MDR - Medical Devices, ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS) and TISAX.




CQS members

Electrotechnical testing institute Technical and Test Institute for Construction Prague Institute for testing and certification Textile testing institute Physical-Technical Testing Institute Engineering Test Institute

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